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FIFA 13 Update V1 7-RELOADED Latest




n3. Download and extract the "Reuploaded Optimized 13 Update V1.7" folder from this thread and place it in your installation dir .n4. Launch the game and if you still have the client error, simply follow the steps as before.^v1.7 download link thread -- version 1.7 of the game is available My Current Fixes and Recommendations for the V1.7 Client: -Fixed the 'Supplier Can't Save Due to Game Economy Bug'-Fixed the way 'Display Settings' get saved-Fixed the 'Load Game Data' settings not working-Fixed the 'Lighting' settings not saving-Fixed the camera always pointing at the bot-Fixed the 'Visual Overlay 1' option not being there when needed-Fixed the 'Lobby-Create Bot' option not working-Fixed the 'Lobby-Close Bot' option not working-Fixed the 'Saved' option not showing up in the settings when playing on the save game-Added the 'Target Lock Reticle' option to the options menu-Changed the 'Target' option so it works on PC and Console now-Changed the option to add a random outfit to the left/right click options-Added 'Look at Player Settings' to the right click options-Added 'Only allow AI players to use your provided stats' to the settings-Changed the way the map and player settings and options work-Added the 'Custom Campaign mode' option to the campaign settings-Added the 'Actions-Pressing Control+C while in a campaign map and not a game mode' to the actions-Added the 'Actions-Giving the bot a bonus win' to the actions-Added the 'Actions-Showing what card the bot would pick in the first round' to the actions-Added the 'Actions-Cheating' to the actions-Changed the way 'Actions' are presented when toggled on and off-Changed the way chat message are presented when toggled on and off-Changed the way options are presented when toggled on and off-Added the 'Actions-Options Settings-Showing the different preset options and their default settings' to the options Downloading and installing the game: All you need to do is extract the files from the downloads folder and run the exe file. If you encounter any issues or can't install the game follow the link below to fix the problems.




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FIFA 13 Update V1 7-RELOADED Latest

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