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format 12.10-r1 --no-xml I am writing an update script for my cnc for linux, but I am having trouble with the parts that I am having trouble with is the starting of the Here is what I wrote so far: #!/bin/bash file=/mnt/drive1/ chmod +x $file echo #/**************************************************** #NAME: #DESC: This script automatically update's the machine #PATH: /mnt/drive1/ #PARENT: Unknown #COMMANDS: -c 1 -r 1 -f 12.10-r1 --no-xml --install #******************************************************/ echo " Starting the for Linux" -c 1 -r 1 -f 12.10-r1 --no-xml --install This is my error message: line 15: /mnt/drive1/ No such file or directory I am not entirely sure if the file name is correct and I believe that it is pointing to the wrong file because it is showing up with the --install command but it is not pointing to the right file. I hope you can help me out on this one. A: You're missing an opening brace, like this: For your purposes you don't need the #!/bin/bash line, and, of course, you need to use: --c 1 --r 1 --f 12.10-r



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Planet Cnc Usb Controller License Crack.exe --

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